Nothing is beautiful when it’s brand-new

Nothing is beautiful when it’s brand-new.

Connoisseur says “if you see it, the parts where most used gets worn out the fastest, that’s where the under-layer of black lacquer surfaces. if these are to show in any other unnatural parts, you can tell that they are fake”

Nothing so special about it. that’s the reason why I don’t like pre-damaged jeans, as they are never really done right. you have to wear it out in your own way till it gets soft and worn out, ripped in some parts. that’s when the true beauty manifests. If I think about it, the time when my jeans are truly beautiful is very short; that is just before they become unwearable.

Nothing is beautiful when it’s brand-new. Only time can make them beautiful. Little have we succeeded in faking the “time” in our attempt to create something beautiful out of a mold. 

See it like you select your own pair of jeans.






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