Re-discovery of Japan. The more I consciously learn about Japan, the more I know about myself, others,  our society and countries beyond. Something I always took for granted was never to be done so.

The concept of beauty, religion, spirituality, crafting, living, crafting one’s living space… Especially those with an angle of Mingei (folk-crafts) movement, I am taking it all in and let it rest on my chest for a while… Then I pick the ones that really have stayed with me.These are the ones to be shared and remembered, at least for me.


日本を意識するようになったのはいつからだろう? 小さなことが、気になる。当たり前のように思っていた考え方、生き方、暮らし方。


吉澤 朋


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    • Thank you for the comment! I’d definitely like to see her collection, though I have no plan as of now to visit Hikone area. Is there any way I get to see her collection, like her websites, or catalogues?

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