What language represent 言葉に支配される

But simplicity and plain expression do not seem to be truly characteristic of the language, which is surely one of the world’s vaguest yet most suggestive. (Donald Keene “Japanese Literature: An introduction for Western Readers”) Isn’t it exactly who we … Continue reading

See it with your naked eyes. 直下に観よ

柳宗悦は茶の文化を激しく批判した人でもあった。茶と言えば日本文化の総合的な結晶とも言える。所作、美意識、書、漢語、漢文、季語と季節感、花、香。全てに通じて初めて茶を知ることができる。 し かし、彼には現代の茶人はものを観る目を失ってしまっているかのように見えた。

Why Repetition is beautiful 反復が美を生むのは…

Nowadays, the word “original” seems to be over-credited. Being different seems to be the key to creativity in the world of art. Yet, Yanagi Soetsu found completely opposite way to reach beauty. That is, by repetition and following tradition. He … Continue reading

3.11 and the beauty and me

It’s been two years since the day: the day that shook, destroyed and flipped over so many’s lives and beliefs. I was one of them. Not so much for my life, but for my beliefs which seemed ever so firm … Continue reading

What’s really “Japanese?” 本当の「日本」って?

There used to a colour called “forgiven colour” more than a thousand years ago.    (Lecture by Sachio Yoshioka)

「聴し(ゆるし)色」という色が平安時代に存在した。                                   (吉岡幸雄氏講演より)

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ものを買って帰る 自分を買って帰る       (河井寛次朗) まさに、ものを買うという行為。何かを選ぶという行為。 その判断基準は、私という人間の全てではないかとさえ思う。