Zen and my earthly desires

He asked: “Will all my earthly desires disappear if I practiced here?” Master answered: “No way! Your earthly desires will never perish. But they will start shining” A phrase from a dialogue between Fujita Issho, Zen practitioner, and Hoshina Machiko, … Continue reading

Mastership of Mind / 技術とは

 That is what I call mastership. I actually would draw the parts that are not meant to stand out with much intent care, as if I am tanning leather with my brush. So that the parts I really want audience … Continue reading

Beauty in the world of Tea (Cha no Yu) 茶の湯の美

Can something as subjective as beauty be shared and appreciated by everyone? TARO OKAMOTO says “When something is truly beautiful, it somewhat repels you” This might go against his view, but I found out that something that doesn’t even grab … Continue reading

Japanese Sensuality 「いき」

「いき」な姿としては湯上り姿もある。 裸体を回想として近接の過去に持ち、 あっさりとした浴衣を着ているところに、 媚態とその形相印とが表現を全うしている。 (九鬼周造 「いき」の構造)