It won’t be alive if we oppressed it from changing. 変化なしに生きることはできない

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. Should the same be said of existence in general? Henri Bergson How immature of me to naively have believed that there … Continue reading

Ultimate knowledge = to know the limit of your own knowledge / 最上知とは、知識への限界を知るその知恵

Some may argue that these artifacts created with aesthetic conscience and intentions are much more advanced than those without. I, however, must tell you that is a common mistake which we, of the modern era of knowledge and science, tend … Continue reading

Plain, Ordinary… ultimate beauty.  普通で、当たり前な、本物の美

I even feel certain hesitation towards using the word “Mingei” as adjectives. If we were to describe something as “Mingei-ish”, it is already not the true “Mingei”. Simple and honest “plain paper” would make the genuine Mingei product. If the … Continue reading

恥ずべき言い訳 A Shameful Excuse

「避けられぬ」という言葉ほど恥ずべきものはない    (柳宗悦) かの戦争への参加を決めた日本のニュースを知り、憤りを抑えきれずに柳が記した言葉。 「必要悪」という言葉に生理的な嫌悪を抱いたことを思い出していた。 考えるに、それは人間の知性への諦めであり、全人類の知性をそのように侮りながら、恥ずかしげもなく安易な言い訳に利用する姿勢の表れだからではないのだろうか。それを、理性ではなく感性の部分が嗅ぎとっていたのだと思う。 There is nothing more shameful than using such phrase as “unavoidable”  (Soetsu YANAGI) The word of Yanagi, when he was devastated to know Japan had decided to take part in the WW2. The word “Necessity Evil” … Continue reading