Zen and my earthly desires

He asked: “Will all my earthly desires disappear if I practiced here?” Master answered: “No way! Your earthly desires will never perish. But they will start shining” A phrase from a dialogue between Fujita Issho, Zen practitioner, and Hoshina Machiko, … Continue reading

Worshiping poverty? 貧を崇める?

The cult of wabi has entered deeply into the cultural life of the Japanese people. It is in truth the worshiping of poverty—probably a most appropriate cult in a poor country like ours. Despite the modern Western luxuries and comforts … Continue reading

Being able to enjoy poverty. 貧にあって楽しむ

Wabi really means “poverty”. To be poor, that is, not to be dependent on things worldly— wealth, power, and reputation— and yet to feel inwardly the presence of something of the highest value, above time and social position: that is … Continue reading

Restrained, yet free 不自由だから、自由

I heard so many say so. Heard a japan craftsman says, that he can find infinitive shades within just one colour of black. A zen monk says, we can only train ourselves freely under an absolute constrainment.