Nothing is beautiful when it’s brand-new

Nothing is beautiful when it’s brand-new. Connoisseur says “if you see it, the parts where most used gets worn out the fastest, that’s where the under-layer of black lacquer surfaces. if these are to show in any other unnatural parts, … Continue reading

Always where it’s supposed to be

Things are always where they are supposed to be, if only I trusted myself. No need to worry, nor rush. I will find them when and where most appropriate. ない、ない、と思っても。探し回っても。結局はあるべきところにあるようです。少し自分を信頼してみれば良いだけの話。  

ART, what makes of… アートとは。

Does art have to be original? “this is, after all, what people love in art. The same is true of literary composition. While bearing resemblance to the original, it should have stylisation; this makes it art, and is what delights … Continue reading

What language represent 言葉に支配される

But simplicity and plain expression do not seem to be truly characteristic of the language, which is surely one of the world’s vaguest yet most suggestive. (Donald Keene “Japanese Literature: An introduction for Western Readers”) Isn’t it exactly who we … Continue reading

just a simple cup of tea, yet…? ただお茶を飲む、ということ

The TEA DRINKING that is known as cha-no-yu in Japan is not just drinking tea, but involves all activities leading to it, all the utensils used in it, the entire atmosphere surrounding the procedure, and last of all, what is … Continue reading