My flaws

Once your technique gets to a certain level, the only thing that separates you from others is your quirks, or even flaws. (Natalie Portman)   技術がある一定のレベルまで達した後は、欠点すらも武器になり得る。 (ナタリー・ポートマン)  

Nothing is beautiful when it’s brand-new

Nothing is beautiful when it’s brand-new. Connoisseur says “if you see it, the parts where most used gets worn out the fastest, that’s where the under-layer of black lacquer surfaces. if these are to show in any other unnatural parts, … Continue reading

Go Alone 独りでゆく

These religions have been spreading such nonsense and stupidity in people. I say unto you, neither Varanasi nor Jerusalem nor Mecca can make any difference.It is your consciousness. If you die consciously you will reach to the ultimate blissfulness – … Continue reading

Restrained, yet free 不自由だから、自由

I heard so many say so. Heard a japan craftsman says, that he can find infinitive shades within just one colour of black. A zen monk says, we can only train ourselves freely under an absolute constrainment.

two “don’t”s for peace of mind 今を生きる

“Must not chase the past, must not wait for the future” (Nanjo Josho) For someone like me, who tend to dwell on the mistakes I made. For someone like me, who tend to hope for things to happen. I was … Continue reading

The truth is…

真理の獲得は いつも直観的経験にある Gaining truth always comes from an intuitive experience. (柳宗悦 ウィリアム・ブレイク評より/ Soetsu Yanagi on William Blake) 本当のことは、私にとって本当のことは、決して言葉や数字で獲得できない。客観的である必要も、説明する必要すら、全くない。 The truth, to me, lies somewhere unexplainable, indescribable. And why does it even have to be understood by someone else other than myself?